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Ways to Encourage Your Partner to Try Something New

Some people are more spontaneous than others. Maybe your partner is used to a specific routine. Or perhaps they don’t like to step out of their comfort zone. But, whether it’s in life,  in your relationship, or even in the bedroom, it can be a good thing to encourage them to try something new.

You might be worried about your partner taking offense to your suggestion. There’s indeed a right and wrong way to suggest trying something different. You don’t want to make them think that their way of doing things is wrong.

Instead, it’s essential to show them how exciting and enjoyable it can be to try something new. With your partner’s best interest at heart, let’s look at five ways you can encourage them to try something new and bring new life into your relationship.

Be Spontaneous

One way to get your partner to try something new is to be spontaneous with it. If they loathe surprises or not knowing what’s going on, this might not be the best option. But, if they’re open to different ideas, “springing” something on them can be fun and exciting. Plus, it can make them realize just how good something different can be before they have a chance to over-think it.

Reassure Them

In many cases, people don’t try new things because they’re scared. That’s understandable. Fear of the unknown is pretty standard, which is why people feel so comfortable in their routines.

If your partner is leaning toward trying something new, play it cool, per se. Don’t make a big deal out of it, and reassure them that they will be safe and secure.

Build Up the Experience

Just as you want to talk down something new as being scary, you’ll also want to talk it up as being something fun and exciting. Tell them how much fun they’ll have. Share your experiences and describe how they made you feel. Make the “new thing” as exciting as possible for them and assure them that once they try it one time, they might want to do it again and again.

Listen to Their Concerns

If your partner is still hesitant to try something new, listen to their reasons why. Yet, a lot of it could have to do with fear. They could also be uncertain. Some people don’t like to try new things unless they have every piece of information that could go with it.

You can provide that information to the best of your abilities. But sometimes, just listening to what makes them so hesitant can make a big difference in how they feel. It can calm them down to the point where they’re ready to try something.

Let Them Think About It

Even if you want to be spontaneous, it’s still essential to give your partner time to think about things. Maybe their issue isn’t with trying something new; it’s with not having the time to think about what they honestly want to do.

So, don’t force them to make decisions about trying something different right away. Instead, present the idea to them, and tell them to take their time in making a decision. That can take away some of the pressure and tension, and help them to feel more comfortable as they make their decision.

If you’re worried that your relationship might be in a rut and you want to encourage your partner to try something new, feel free to contact me for more suggestions. Or, if you’re in the Berkeley, CA area, call me to set up an appointment or visit my page on [specialty page link] to learn more.

Together, we can discover what other paths you can take to try new things as a couple, without offending your partner by suggesting new ideas.


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