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How to Rekindle Romance in the New Year (After Surviving the Holidays!)

The holidays are finally behind us. No more rushing around from party to party or from family gathering to family gathering. The shopping is done, the cooking and cleaning and spending time with your in-laws…it’s all behind you.

But, after getting through a long holiday season, it can feel like your relationship has taken a backburner.

Thankfully, you can rekindle romance in the new year with a few simple tips and tricks. Your relationship doesn’t have to be in a bad place to re-ignite your spark. Maybe you feel like you’re in a “slump.” That’s okay, and it can be easy to fix!

Ready to start the season fresh and rekindle romance in the new year? Let’s find out how.

Be Purposefully Physical and Affectionate

Let’s face it, during the holidays, when you’re busy and tired, the last thing on your mind is often physical intimacy. Unfortunately, that can take a toll on your relationship.

Physical touch helps to boost intimacy and help your partner feel wanted. It isn’t always about sex. Instead, it’s about the closeness between the two of you.

So, make a conscious effort to show physical affection toward your partner whenever possible. It could be something as simple as a kiss on the cheek before they leave for work. Or, you could give them a tight squeeze when they least expect it. A hug can go a long way, and can even provide reassurance to your relationship.

Devote Time to Your Partner and Your Relationship

Though the holidays are over, that doesn’t mean you’re not still busy. Life itself can often get in the way of relationships. Don’t let things like work, friends, family, or even your children stand in the way of carving time out for your relationship.

Even if you have to schedule time together each week, make it happen and stay committed to that time. Do things you both enjoy. Go on dates. Flirt. Re-ignite the spark that started your relationship when you first started dating.

Not only will this approach help you to remember why you fell in love with your partner, but it’s fun, flirty, and can carry over into boosting your sexual intimacy.

Mix Up Your Sexual Routine

If you want to rekindle romance in the new year, you might want to consider switching things up in the bedroom. Maybe that means taking things out of the bedroom from time to time.

It’s okay to have sexual fantasies. Talk to your partner about them, and see what you’re both comfortable with. Even if you’re not able to live out every fantasy, chances are you can try new things with your sex life to spice it up and make things feel brand new. Sexual needs and desires change over time. Let the way you have sex with your partner adapt, too.

Have Hope and Keep Trying

Again, wanting to rekindle romance in the new year doesn’t mean your relationship is falling apart. The holidays can take a toll on any couple. You might find yourself feeling disconnected from your partner, and that’s understandable.

These tips can help to pull you back together and boost intimacy within your relationship. Just make sure you’re both willing to put in the work to make it happen. It takes effort from both partners to bring the romance in a relationship back to life, especially after a long holiday season.

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