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Marriage takes work from both people involved. Yet, developing healthy habits that become second nature to your own personality and your relationship can make it easier to make your marriage thrive.

Healthy relationship habits are consistent and repeated. The more you put these habits into practice, the less you’ll have to think about them. They will become a normal part of your everyday life.

But, before you start using healthy relationship habits each day, it’s important to understand how to establish them. What are some of the best positive habits that can strengthen your marriage?

Let’s take a look.

Be Respectful

Perhaps the most important healthy habit to develop is respecting your partner. Without respect, your relationship can’t thrive.

When your partner feels disrespected by you, it communicates to them that you don’t value or accept who they really are. Respect does the opposite.

That doesn’t mean you always have to agree on everything. It does mean, however, that even through disagreements and misunderstandings, you still value who they are.

Being respectful toward one another means handling life as a team, even when it gets difficult.

Disconnect From Electronics

How can you develop healthy relationship habits if you’re “plugged in” all the time? One rewarding habit to develop is to spend time with your partner each evening without television, computers, or smartphones.

Even if you only devote 30 minutes of distraction-free time for one another each night, it can make a big difference. Taking this time for your relationship shows that you value your partner and the wellbeing of your marriage.

Ask your partner how their day was, or how they’re feeling. With thoughtful consideration, you’ll never run out of things to talk about. You may even find that you enjoy the conversation so much, you forget all about turning the television back on.

Talk Positively About Your Partner to Others

You probably know a couple who always seems to be arguing or putting each other down in public. This type of behavior can create huge, damaging walls in a marriage.

A healthy habit to develop is to do just the opposite: Speak positively about your partner to others.

Don’t be afraid to share some of their best characteristics and traits. It might seem a bit strange at first, but as you develop the habit, it will become more natural.

Sharing positive attributes about your partner with others will help to deepen your connection with them. It will create feelings of love and admiration. Plus, it will help to regularly remind you of exactly why you love them.

Practice Simple Gestures

Healthy relationship habits don’t have to include grand gestures all the time. In fact, it’s the simple gestures that are easier to turn into habits. The good news? Simple gestures are often more powerful than big, planned-out events.

One example is to make your spouse a cup of coffee each morning. Another option is to start their car for them on a cold day. Or, bring them their favorite snack when they’re watching television.

Though none of these gestures seem like a big deal, they let your partner know you’re thinking about them regularly. It also allows you to serve them, which can be very meaningful to some people.

There are so many ways to develop healthy relationship habits in your marriage. Thankfully, none of these habits have to be overwhelming or even take up a lot of time.

Once they become a part of your routine, you’ll look forward to keeping them that way. Plus, the more healthy habits you develop, the stronger your marriage will become, no matter how long you’ve been together.

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