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They are relaxed and enjoying each other as a family unit.

Are You Moving Away from Family? 5 Ways to Cope as a Couple

Moving away from family is not typically easy. But life happens, and changes in location aren’t that uncommon for married couples.

Maybe you or your spouse took a new job. Or perhaps you’re merely looking for a change. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to know how to cope with moving away from family effectively.

It can be overwhelming at first, especially if your family is a big part of your support system.

The good news? When you’re in a relationship, you still have a built-in support system wherever you go. Moving can be hard, but there are ways you can learn to cope as a couple.

Let’s take a look at a few of those coping strategies you can use if you have to move away from your family.

  1. Rely on Each Other for Support

Again, your spouse is your support system all of the time. Remember, though; you’re both going through this together. Plus, they could be “losing” family members, too. Instead of just focusing on yourself, focus on how to lean on one another for support.

Talk about how you’re feeling and what you’re going to miss about your families. also, share the reasons why you’re excited to move and start this next chapter of your life. The more you can rely on each other, the better.

  1. Utilize Technology

Again, moving away isn’t easy. But relocating in the 21st century may be a bit easier than it was in the past, thanks to the different types of technology that can keep us connected.

Digital encounters don’t substitute for real-life, of course. However, video chats, such as  FaceTime, can often make you feel as though you’re still a part of the family. And this approach works from thousands of miles away.

Set up weekly video chats with you and your spouse’s families. It will help you to feel more at home to stay connected with them and to share what’s going on in your lives.

  1. Get Into a New Routine

One of the best ways to deal with moving to a new place is to develop a new routine. Routines help people to feel comfortable and grounded. Establishing one in your new area will give you a sense of “home” even after a short time.

The best part? You have someone to share that routine with. Maybe one person makes coffee every morning, or you have specific times for taking showers. Perhaps you have different chores or things to do in the evening.

Your routine will be individual to you, of course. Not only will it help your new place to feel like home, but it will serve as a welcomed distraction. Filling your time is a great way to cope when you’re dealing with something difficult.

  1. Meet New People

No one will replace your family, of course, but if you and your spouse sit at home all of the time, it’s going to be harder to deal with not being around familiar faces.

So, don’t be afraid to go out and meet new people—individually and as a couple. Join a class that interests you. Attend local events. Start a new hobby that you can enjoy with others.

The sooner you find friends in your new town, the sooner you’ll start to feel more connected there.

  1. Plan a Trip Home

Moving away from family doesn’t have to mean staying away from family. Once you’ve gotten established in your new place and you’re comfortable there, it’s okay to plan a trip home.

Visiting your family a few times a year will make the transition easier for everyone. Give yourself some time to get adjusted to your new location and your new life before you make a trip back home. Be prepared to visit, knowing you’re going to leave again.

Staying connected with family is essential during a move, and yet, it can be harder for some couples to deal with than others.

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area and you’re having trouble coping with moving away from family, feel free to contact me or visit my [specialty page/link] to learn more about how I can help. Together, we can work on strategies to cope with this life change.

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