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5 Relationship Rituals to Boost Your Intimacy Quickly

Intimacy is essential in any relationship. When most people think about intimacy, they think about what happens in the bedroom. While that’s a part of it, it’s not the whole picture.

In reality, intimacy is about a deep connection with your partner. When you have an intimate relationship, you know that you can count on your partner for anything.

Intimacy will not only help your relationship to survive, but it will help it to thrive. It’s something that is built up in a relationship with time. However, specific actions help to boost intimacy between two people. Forming relationship rituals can help with that kind of “quick boost.”

With that in mind, let’s look at five relationship rituals you can put in place today to boost intimacy in your relationship quickly.

Spend Time Together Without Devices

While smartphones can be a source of connection in some ways, they can also block intimacy when you allow them to interfere with your relationship.

To boost intimacy with one another, ditch the devices for a while. Spend specific time focused solely on each other.

For example, sharing a meal is a great time to put your phones away and give your attention to the person you love. It will help to increase your vulnerability, boost communication, and create more intimacy between you.

Take Turns Listening

Talk to each other frequently about things that are outside of your relationship. When your partner gets home from work, ask about their day. Then, genuinely listen to what they have to say. If something is stressing them out, offer to talk about it.

When your partner feels that you value their life and honestly care, they’ll be willing to open up even more. That vulnerability and trust build intimacy rather quickly.

Go Somewhere Without Kids

Getting quality alone time is essential in your relationship, especially when you have children. Take time away for yourselves as a couple by planning a getaway for two.

Even if you don’t have kids, getting a weekend or a few days away without the distraction of work, friends, and family, can help you to reconnect in your relationship.

This idea might seem like a “one-time” thing, but it should also become a ritual. Try to take a weekend trip once every other month, just the two of you. Build this alone time into your routine and make a habit out of it. It can be something you both start to look forward to quickly.

Share Unique Experiences

Creating daily rituals where you share a unique experience together can help to bring you closer. A great example is exercising together. Try taking a walk around the neighborhood each evening. You could also join a gym together or participate in a weekly class with each other.

Not only will you feel closer, but exercising can help to boost your endorphins, giving you more energy and another “boost” of happiness!

Increase Your Physical Intimacy

When you kiss your partner, what is it like? A quick peck before you walk out the door?

Once a day, share a long kiss or even a hug with them. Make it at least five seconds long, if not longer. You might be surprised at how different a kiss or an embrace feels when you’re not quickly pulling away from it.

The longer you do it, the more connected you’ll start to feel. That kind of closeness helps to increase intimacy very quickly.

It doesn’t take much to boost intimacy in your relationship. Put some of these relationship rituals into your daily routine, and you’re bound to feel closer to your partner quickly.

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