Zach Weiss, AMFT

At their best, relationships are deeply fulfilling. They can provide safety, connection, and security amidst life’s struggles and uncertainties. They can also be terribly hard – full of miscommunication, unmet needs, frustration, even hopelessness. When things get tangled and you feel at your wit’s end, couples therapy is a place where you can slow down and work with a professional to recalibrate and reconnect.

In couples therapy, I use EFT to help you and your partner to become aware of not only the patterns that keep you stuck, but the justifiable needs, wants, and fears that lie beneath the surface. By creating a safe space to express these, new possibilities for connection and care emerge. It isn’t immediate – when you’re “in it,” you may feel unheard, or that there isn’t enough time or space for what is going on inside both of you. But it is in just these moments that we will slow down and tend, with gentleness and care, to the parts of you that are activated and needing attention. Over time, fixed dynamics will soften and shift, revealing new, satisfying ways of relating.

One of the best indicators of whether therapy will be successful is the fit between therapist and client. I advise all prospective clients – couples and individuals alike – to trust their gut when it comes to choosing a therapist. This is one of those times when it pays to be picky. Good therapy will just feel right.

Therapy is a life-changing process of growth, transformation, and healing. It is a safe, confidential space where you can unburden yourself. Where wounds are found, held, and tended with care. Where you can connect with your own vitality and dare to live a fuller, more meaningful life. It isn’t always easy, nor quick, but it’s almost always worthwhile.