Gilonne d’Origny, AMFT

I work with couples, families, and individuals, including children.  I specialize in multicultural and multi-cultural relationships, parenting, addiction, complex trauma, resist-refuse (parental alienation), and balancing work and personal relationships.

My experience encompasses immersion in peer-to-peer recovery programs, a lifelong study of myths and religions, and personal experiences—all of which deeply enrich my clinical practice.

Fluent in both French and English and having grown up in diverse cultures, I enjoy assisting multilingual and multicultural families.  I received part of my training in an international pre-K to 12 school using a community attachment approach to support children through parents and teachers.

Before transitioning to my current role as a therapist, my career as an entrepreneur spanned multiple sectors (finance, law, climate solutions, and entrepreneurship within the biotech and neuroscience fields).  While I knew I would become a therapist eventually, I needed to pursue other passions before settling into my forever calling.

I stay current with the latest research and practices, grounding my therapeutic approach in attachment science, evolutionary psychology, and neuroscience.

I offer both remote and in-person sessions and meet children in familiar settings such as their homes and schools.

It is a sacred role to hold your experience with unconditional positive regard and to walk this path of growth together.