Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT

I am passionate about working with couples. I am an Advanced Level Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist and I specialize in working couples to help them discover that their problems have less to do with each other, and more likely, a painful way of communicating that is driving them apart. Helping couples identify that negative pattern, supports transforming relationship, and opens the door to a collaborative and bonded way of solving problems together, which supports a profoundly more connecting experience, and means for solving problems that have felt so challenging.

I work with couples and individuals who hold traditional beliefs about life, as well as the LGBTQ community, including trans, poly, and non-binary identify. Love is love, and we all have a right to the deepest respect, empathy, care that life can offer.

The care and support that provides a secure means for growth is unique to everyone.  Whether you are looking to improve your mood, find valid and helpful skills to reduce the impact of anxiety, or improve your primary relationships, our work will focus on what helps you achieve your personal and relationship goals in a  safe, understanding, and supportive environment. Life transitions are challenging and additional support can bring comfort, understanding, and meaning to these experiences.

Individual Therapy

My individual clients describe me as warm, engaged, and attuned to their innermost experience, with an optimistic attitude about their growth while addressing issues of addiction, including substance use, porn use, or compulsive sexual behaviors that are having a negative impact on their lives. They experience me as informative, supportive, understanding, and well informed in clarifying a meaningful way forward with their lives. I have a working knowledge of Harm Reduction and a deep understanding of the process of recovery in 12 step groups as well.